8 Baby Names For Lil’ Kim’s Lil’ Girl


Lil’ Kim has caught the maternity bug. And just like Blue Ivy and Wilburn, you can expect Kimmy Blanco’s daughter to join the world of crazy celebrity names. What else could possibly keep them from living under their parents’ shadow? Here are a few names VIBE expects to see dotted on that birth certificate.

1. Paper Mâché – Paying homage to daddy Mr. Papers, and ‘mâché’ for hoping he sticks around.

2. Francesca White – Just like her former mentor Biggie, aka Frank White, Kim also had a fascination with the drug lord; hence Kimmy Blanco (Blanco for white). Why not carry on tradition?

3. Unnoticeable K.I.M – What are the chances that Kim’s daughter will live up to or surpass her mother’s success? At least in music.

4. Princess Bee – The naked truth is: Kim is the OG Queen of Hip-Hop. Every queen needs her princess… and a couple of drones, just ask any apiarist.

5. Blue Salvia – If the Queen can’t think of anything better, why not jump on the Jay’Once trend? Although Kimmy is known to be an opponent of swagger jacking.

6. Bella Mafia – La Bella Mafia? Surely chapters of Kim’s past, but why not immortalize it?

7. Big Ol’ Kim – Who’s to say the girl will be as small as her mother? She might be quite the Amazon weighing in at 11 lb. at birth.

8. Mayburn – Wilburn, didburn, mightburn, didn’tburn; aren’t we all just looking to put our lighters up? Now Kim and Ciara can both throw a baby party.

Photo Credit: Getty Images