Listen: 50 Cent Talks G-Unit, Macklemore & Ja Rule With DJ Semtex


50 Cent chopped it up with BBC’s DJ Semtex about his upcoming Animal Ambition project. Analyzing his past successes as well as what he hopes to achieve with his new work, Fif compared the new album’s potential to that of his best selling records.

“I don’t think I can achieve the same numbers. I don’t think it’s even possible to do what I did on Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ or on The Massacre,” he said. “But I believe I can make it back to having that kind of energy surround my material. And as an artist, that’s the thing I’m attracted to.”

50 also talked to Semtex about G-Unit. Comparing his relationships with Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks and Young Buck to one with “a younger brother,” the rapper shared that he held onto his cohorts in an effort to deal with the success he found thereafter.

“They were around prior to music,” he explained. “I think everybody wanna hold onto those things that had value prior to things working. Because it’s like wanting to hold onto the ability to still know who you are. To still have your feet on the ground.”

In discussing his decision to go independent, Fif addressed comparisons to the year’s most notable independent hip-hop artist, Macklemore.

“It’d be unfair for you to put me in direct comparison with Macklemore. Because what he just did is obviously a huge accomplishment and its organic, but you can only compare me to that if I never interacted with Interscope and just sold my records.”

Rewinding back to his earlier years, Semtex also questioned 50 about his beef with Ja Rule, asking the rapper if he had any regrets. To which, of course, Fif said he had none.

“I don’t regret anything because circumstances surrounding it kind of caused it,” he told Semtex. “It wasn’t like every other competition that I’ve been in with other artists. Sometimes you get the guy that wants to create an opportunity to move up after in notoriety, and try to compete with a more established artist or a bigger artist at that point.”

Listen to 50 Cent’s entire interview with DJ Semtex in the video above.