Mannie Fresh To Collaborate With LeBron James?


The Game isn’t the only hip-hopper to co-sign LeBron James’ rapping skill days after the two-time NBA champ laced Jay Z’s “FuckWitMeYouKnowIGotIt” with a freestyle.

Little did the Miami Heat baller know that hip-hop heads, like veteran producer Mannie Fresh, would also be impressed.

Fresh reportedly told TMZ, “Lebron is a lot nicer than a lot of the rappers out right now. He got a nice little flow. He was a little cocky with it … I always like that in rappers. He was like ‘Shit, I’m not backing down!'”

Fresh also noted, “2 rings … that was a dope line.”

As far as a collaboration goes, Fresh says he’s all about it. “Who knows, maybe we do this and LeBron’s my partna — and I’ll be sitting courtside at the NBA Finals!”’