Mariah Carey To Release Next Album Beyoncé-Style


To the surprise of no one (now, at least), Mariah Carey has announced that she will be releasing her next album a la Beyoncé: album title, tracklist, artwork and music all dropping at the same (damn) time. While it was previously revealed that her 14th studio album would be called The Art of Letting Go, Mimi has apparently scrapped it.

“I have to be the one that announces this, especially the title,” Carey tells Billboard for the mag’s new cover story, noting that the LP will be named after a “personal possession of mine that’s part of an entity that I’ve had almost all my life.”

While her recent singles, like “#Beautiful” featuring Miguel and “Eternal (You’re Mine)” alongside Trey Songz, have been buzz factors, they haven’t exactly nailed Carey to the top of the charts. Still, the lack of sales won’t stop the finger-wagging diva from presenting a full body of work to her Lambily.

“You would think I would be all about the singles-driven situation, and I am in a way, but with this particular album I want my fans to hear it as a body of work,” she said. “This is my life since we last left off. Just picture a dot dot dot, and then here’s the album.”

Read the rest of the story teaser here before the cover story drops online Monday (April 28).