Markus Schulz And Ferry Corsten Phantom DJs Face-Off


Track selection, seamless transitions, creativity, stage presence and crowd interaction are all traits of the great DJs… the two turntablists we’re spotlighting here do all of these things at an extremely high level. What was better, Paul Oakenfold’s BBC Radio 1 1994 “Goa Mix” or Fatboy Slim’s 2001 “Brighton Beach” set? Comparably difficult to answer… which of these imaginary DJs will reign supreme?

Phantom DJ #1

Markus Shchulz is well known for his brilliant 10-hour+ marathon sets… unfortunately we have less than 90 seconds of “unicorn slaying” from these two legends.

There is trash gathering on his equipment and yeah an adoring fan adds even more clutter at :15, but there’s no stopping this machine. The crowd feeds of his energy, his dancing is inspiring and his command of the situation is superlative. Like Seth Troxler, this legend keeps it real by playing vinyl – near the end he shuffles through crates looking for the next anthem.

Phantom DJ #2

Complete with lasers and strobe lights – the electrifying production is matched by DJ skill and artistry. The Ferry Corsten look-a-like takes the crowd on a thrilling journey with effortless control of his imaginary decks, mixer and effects machine on the column. All this is capped off at: 24 when he lets loose and fires his legendary “double fist pump machine guns” move… it’s the move everyone came to see and he gave it to em’.