Master P Says MMG Was ‘A Better Fit’ For Fat Trel Than No Limit


Despite coming into the game alongside Master P as a member of the Louie V Mob, dropping the New World Order mixtape, Fat Trel opted to sign with Rick Ross’ MMG imprint last year. In an interview with MTV News, Fat Trel discussed his decision.

“It didn’t go right. Things weren’t done correctly on the business tip, so me and Master P have no relationship,” he said.

Now, in a statement to AllHipHop, Master P give his reasoning as to why Fat Trel and his No Limit Forever label were not the right fit.

“Fat Trel is a good rap artist but the No Limit Forever brand is about building entrepreneurs and business partners,” he stated. “When I was around Fat Trel, he was in a rush to getting a check and a record deal versus being patient and building his own to be a true boss.”

Recalling Fat Trel’s early days and instances in which he paid the young rapper’s way for transportation and shelter, P said that “if you’re a real street dude, you would appreciate me for what I’ve already done for you and your family.” The rap mogul also said he was shocked upon hearing the news that Fat Trel signed his deal with MMG.

“I admit I was surprised when I heard that he did a deal with Wale because I thought they didn’t like each other,” Master P said. “But I wish him the best with MMG, I think it’s a better fit for him as an artist.”

Read Master P’s full statement on Fat Trel here.