Meek Mill Suing The City Of Philadelphia?


Looks like it ain’t all Brotherly Love in Philly. According to TMZ, Meek Mill is now suing the City Of Philadelphia for a wrongful arrested that cost him some serious cash. Referencing a 2012 arrest, the rapper is looking for retribution for losing quite the lump sum, including $22K on a cancelled private jet and a $39K fee for missing an appearance in Atlanta. He also claims bad press from the arrest cost him to settle for a $650K deal with Puma, instead of the initial $2 million dollar offer. After his Dreams & Nightmares album release party in October 2012, Meek was held by Philadelphia PD for suspicion of marijuana possession. Claiming that his rights were violated, the MMG rapper filed a suit against the police department for “civil rights violations, false imprisonment, invasion of privacy and civil conspiracy,” all of which he sought monetary compensation for after tweeting about the night’s events:

Now it seems Meek is setting his sights on the city of Philly itself. Guess he wants those checks by any means necessary.