Must See: Samuel L. Jackson Performs ‘Boy Meets World’ Slam Poem [Video]


Who knew Samuel L. Jackson was so adept to 90’s pop culture?!

Last night (Apr. 1), the Captain America actor opened up The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and performed a riveting and hilarious slam poem about classic TV series Boy Meets World.

“Boy meets world. Boy greets world. Hello, world! I am Cory Matthews: short and average, head full of curls,” began the veteran after taking a dramatic pull from his electronic cigarette.

“The year: 1993. We see two boys who lack both brains and brawn: Cory Matthews and Hunter, or Hunter comma Shawn. Hair parted down the middle, jacket made of leather, alas one man’s trailer trash is another man’s treasure. Boy meets world. Boy meets girl. Topanga, Topanga, Topanga, beats the heart of Cory, a story as old as time. Daughter of hippies, the name of a gypsy. ‘Topanga!'”

Girl Meets World, the highly anticipated sequel series, is set for a TBD 2014 debut. Although Jackson later admitted to never seeing the show, perhaps he could still make a memorable guest star.

Watch the clip that’s already won the internet below.