National Museum Of African American Music Set To Come To Nashville


There will now be a new home for Black music in Nashville. Construction for the National Museum of African American music is set to begin as early as next year and will be just one component of a larger redevelopment on the former site of the Nashville Convention Center , the Associated Press reports.

Despite Nashville being known for country music roots, the museum will honor the city’s history of Black music outside of country and local legends like Frank Howard, Jimmy Church, Marion James, Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, Jimi Hendrix and Little Richard.

The museum has already gotten a jump start on community programming, teaching Nashville’s students about old school instruments like spoons, the washboard bass and the cigar-box guitar. It will also be hosting an emerging artist concert series, that will also pay tribute to Outkast on April 10. Proceeds from the concert will go towards the museum.