Photos: New Batman Game Shows Off The ‘Arkham Knight,’ ‘Batmobile’

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Batman: Arkham Knight may be Rocksteady Games’ last foray into the ethos of the World’s Greatest Detective, but the studio appears to be going out with a bang.

All the other previous games, including Warner Bros. Montreal’s Batman: Arkham Origins, took established mythologies and characters and crafted a new story around them. In Arkham Knight, Rocksteady and company are attempting to do something different.

The game, which has fans everywhere anxious to know more, will introduce the Arkham Knight as an original villain. While there isn’t much information about him, according to the interview Sefton Hill did with Game Informer, the character is unique to the Arkhamverse.

For a closer look at the game, you can check out some of the new looks at Batman, Commissioner James Gordon, Oracle and, of course, The Arkham Knight in the slideshow below.

Watch the trailer below:

Batman: Arkham Knight hits PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 14, 2014.