Notorious BIG’s Estate Files Pre-Emptive Lawsuit Over Song Sample


Biggie Smalls’ estate has filed a pre-emptive lawsuit, stating one of his songs on his Ready To Die album, “The What” is not a copyright infringement of the “Can’t Say Enough About Mom” song by Michael Hawkins and Leroy Hutson, THR reports.

The complaint was filed on Monday (March 31) in California federal court. It states that the recording sound of “Can’t Say Enough About Mom” was first published in 1974 by a record company that was owned by a musician by the name of Curtis Smith. The song wasn’t even returned until 1989 by Hutson and Mayfield. “That What”, on the other hand, was written by Biggie, Method Man and Easy Mo Bee.

Over the past year and a half, both parties have been going back and forth about who owns what, with Hutson claiming 50% ownership and 50% of the profits the song has given Biggie’s estate.

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