Opinion: Does EDM Fuel Cyber Bullying?


Okay we get it, the 10-year-old, Aiden Jude has no idea what he’s talking about and hired a ghost producer. If you haven’t heard, Jude is the latest in the line of producers being targeted for hiring ghostwriters. Let’s reiterate, he is 10.

Wait, wait, wait. Are we surprised that a little kid did something stupid? Since when did we look at a small child, and throw stones at him for being uneducated on a subject? Isn’t this “normal?” Isn’t this just bullying a CHILD?

Since EDM started blowing up, every person with a computer screen has become the savior of dance music. Since the meteoric rise of sub genres like deep house, keyboard warriors around the globe have been arming against anyone who steps foot on electronic music’s doorsteps. The buzz topics among dance fans are “who does and does not DJ,” and “who does and does not produce,” just so they can sound well read on the subject. I’m sorry, if we saw the same passion for this Aiden Jude mess from fans, some basement producer in Thailand would be the highest talked about artist on the Internet.

However, you don’t see viral sensations of good underground music stemming from word of mouth. You don’t see someone posting about an unknown producer with 100 likes on their page but 30,000 shares on their picture because they’re just that damned good. The same people “protecting” the integrity of EDM are the same ones who are ruining it. The gossip has outgrown the legitimate interest in the music, way to go elitists!

Quit attacking some tween on the Internet. Fact is the kid had some resources that he used, albeit in a shortsighted manner but who doesn’t at that age? I remember when I was throwing rocks at windows just because there were rocks on the ground. Little kids are little kids, and bullying a little kid is still disgusting and down right horrible in my eyes. Shame on you. – Devan Welch / Rubix Management