Pardon The Introduction: Jetta, Modern Day Pop Songstress With Soul


Liverpool-born and London-based Jetta is on track to join the Adele’s and Amy Winehouse’s of the world when it comes to her powerful pop-soul vocals. Her debut EP Start A Riot is both reflective and rebellious. Raised by two musician parents, her music is influenced by timeless classic rockers like T. Rex and David Bowie to alt-singers like Annie Lennox and Tracey Chapman.

“As a teenager I discovered my own sounds,” says the 23-year-old. “I really loved Destiny’s Child, probably because they were strong and fun, and I really loved The Streets from the UK. I felt it was a voice of my generation.”

Professionally, Jetta’s career got a jump start when she hit the road as a backup singer for UK pop singer Paloma Faith. “I loved working with Paloma,” says Jetta. “It taught me about stage performance, lighting, and dancing in 7-inch heels, everything was covered. It was just part of the journey. I think if you love music, whether you’re the front person or whatever or doing backup vocals, it doesn’t matter because it’d all enjoyable.”

With Jetta already making waves this side of the pond — she made her U.S. television debut on Jimmy Kimmel in March — the singer plans to serve up more music by the end of the year. “I think the LP is going to be an extension of the EP and that will come out end of summer or beginning if autumn.” For now, you can spin her Start a Riot EP here.

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