Phone Jack: Gareth Emery’s Private Cell Phone Photos Revealed


Gareth Emery’s new album Drive has already hit #1 on the iTunes Dance Chart and he’s now setting out on new North American tour where the producer will bring his fully customized stage show to Coachella 2014.

The inspiring story behind DRIVE was derived from Emery’s 3000-mile adventure across the Oklahoma/ Texas border on Old Route 66. Exemplified by his deep and purposeful musicality, adept songwriting skills and ability to convey emotion through sound, Emery has created a unique blend of house, trance and electro that is exploratory and evolved.

We couldn’t help but hijack Gareth Emery’s iPhone photos and take a drive of our own on Route Voyeurism…

“My phone is full of shots out on Route 66 where we shot the artwork for Drive. I don’t think I even knew I was being photographed here: just waiting bored for the team to get their shit together. Probably why it’s one of my favorites.” -Gareth Emery explains above photograph.

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