Phylicia Rashad on ‘Cosby Show’ Comparisons: ‘No Comparison’


If Cosby Show veteran Phylicia Rashad and her TV husband have anything in common, it’s a knack for always speaking her truth. The poised actress recently stopped by HuffPost Live to promote her work in Halle Berry’s Frankie & Alice before talk naturally turned to her time on the classic TV series. When asked if there were any present shows that resemble their’s, she matter of factly responded, “No comparison. I’m sorry, there just isn’t.”

She continued, “I was in a class in Howard University. Greek literature, literature in the Greek theater. Dr. Frank Snowden was the professor. So he said to us one day after we had been studying the classics for a while, ‘Okay, which do you prefer, drama or comedy?’ And I was a drama student. I said ‘I like the drama, I love the drama.’”

“He said, ‘Really? Well, Phylicia, that’s very interesting you know. Drama appeals to the emotions, comedy appeals to the intellect.’ So the difference between Mr. Cosby’s humor and what you see a lot today? Think about that. It appealed to the intellect.”

She also notes that the writing process was different. Whereas many show creators spend time a part during their journey, writers “back in the day” did everything together, including being in the same room “growing and…moving together.”

As far as her fictional children, Rashad says she isn’t surprised at any of their successes, including Lisa Bonet, who famously left the show on her own accord.

“I haven’t seen Lisa in a very long time. She was my doll, she was my little kitten. I loved her dearly and I still do. I think she has two sons now as well. I’ve never met them. And I understand that she’s very happy, and that makes me very happy.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images