Premiere: Jerid Nowell’s ‘Outburst’ EP


Singer, songwriter, and musician hailing from Phoenix, Arizona- Jerid Nowell brings the heat with his debut EP, ‘Outburst.’ Full of emotion and gut-wrenching lyrics, ‘Outburst’ calls for a renaissance of rock-an-roll vibes along some present day production by Daniel “DGMayne” Glavin.

Starting out along a call to arms with ‘Tell Me What You Want’ Nowell’s voice fills floodgates with passion and persistence only to lay his majestic vocals bare along the next track, ‘Only Just Begun’. Apart from the first two tracks, ‘Barbie Doll’ and ‘Fallout’ hold some more intense feelings yet still exemplifying the melody within. The electric EP finishes off with a smooth jazz-y song entitled, ‘The Lonely Ones’ marking it a badass ballad to end the ‘Outburst’ of emotions.

Exclusively stream the soulful tunes below and grab a copy of the EP when it drops this Monday (April 7).