Premiere: Rebecca And Fiona


With a new album – entitled Beauty is Pain – out next week (April 29)- Swedish sweethearts of dance music, Rebecca & Fiona have stolen our hearts with their boss beats and and stylish swagger. Having worked on the LP for two years and constantly being on the road, the girls took their “demos and scratch vocals,” turned them into sweet melodies and songs to curate Beauty is Pain.

“We take inspiration from everything we see on the road and our friends whether that be a broken relationship or something we saw on TV- it doesn’t really matter as long as it has a feeling and we can relate to it for the young girls or young guys,” says Fiona of the girl-duo.

Talking specifically about the track, “Cold Heart,” the elder of R&F, explains: “The song [Cold Heart] is about a breakup where a boy is treating this girl like she’s nothing, she’s always left behind and he doesn’t make room for her. The song has been with us since the first album but it didn’t make it because we hadn’t finished it in time and we felt like it didn’t have the story it deserved… Duvchi came up to us and wanted to collaborate so when he put his lyrics on the track we felt like it was [rightfully] finished,” says Fiona.

Stream “Cold Heart” exclusively on VIBE before Beauty is Pain drops April 29.