President Obama and Other Celebrities Respond to the Clippers Owner’s Racist Remarks


US President Barack Obama speaks on the

A couple bad words can get you into a lot of trouble. Donald Sterling now facing the wrath of black power after his racist-tinged remarks about black people. On Friday (April 25), TMZ published an audio recording of the Los Angeles Clippers owner and his girlfriend V. Stiviano in a heated argument about racism. In the clip, Sterling scolded her for publicly associating with black people. News travels fast, and many celebrities had more than a few words about the issue, including President Obama.

When asked about the rant in a press conference in Malaysia, Obama responded by saying, “When ignorant folks want to advertise their ignorance, you just let them talk.” Many basketball players and sport-fan celebs have chosen to make videos, tweet and make statements to show Sterling our strength when minorities unite.

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Photo Credit(s): Getty Images