Listen: The Prodigy MC Maxim’s New Group ‘We Are Noize’ Previews Trap Twerk Music


It doesn’t matter if you spent hours in your bedroom feeling stuck in a “jilted generation” throughout the ’90s or if you “smacked your bitch up” in junior high school (not that the latter is condoned beyond for sonic usage) – The Prodigy resonates with people of all skin colors, ages, sizes and income brackets.

This is why when The Prodigy’s MC and vocalist Maxim drops something under a new moniker you better believe it’s going to make some noise.

Maxim’s new collective is aptly titled We Are Noize, and is gearing up to release a debut trapped-out piece of beef twerky, “Dolla Flick” on their self-titled label, May 12. The familiar 808s of modern trap are there, but thanks to Maxim’s dogged prowess “Dolla Flick” is turnt-up in a way that sticks out in today’s abyss of dance music.

Stream some Noize, now. You’re welcome.