Rap Study Says 2001 Was The Genre’s Most Profane Year


Ever wondered what year rap music got most down and dirty? In a study done by BestTickets.com titled “The Best F*cking Article You’ll Read Today: Profanity in Rap Lyrics Since 1985“, five albums from 1985 to 2013 were examined for profanity. The year 2001 topped the list as the most profane year of hip-hop music.

The albums were chosen based on total sales, artist name recognition and album hit density, according to the study. The 2001 album list included Ja Rule’s Pain is Love album, Nas’ Stillmatic, Jay Z The Blueprint, Tupac’s Until the End of Time and Ludacris’ Word of Mouf. Luda and the late Tupac had the biggest potty mouths, averaging 30.86 and 27.21 curses per song respectively on the two albums.

The most profane rap artists list was topped by the Geto Boys with the most cuss words in a song at 46, and was followed by Scarface, Juvenile, NWA and ScHoolboy Q. ‘Pac took the two top spots for the most profane albums in the overall study with his All Eyez On Me and Until the End of Time albums.

In all the albums examined in the 28 year span, 2,295 songs were reviewed and a total of 31,564 cuss words on 145 albums with an average of 218 curses per album were found.

Read the full study here.