Review: Notes From The Audience At Childish Gambino’s ‘Deep Web Tour’ Stop In New York


Childish Gambino is not just a rapper. Or a just singer. Or just an actor, writer or comedian. He is a performance artist, and he takes satisfying his audience very seriously.

“The Deep Web Tour is kinda my baby,” he told the dense crowd packed into New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom last Saturday night (March 29). “I love how much you guys love us.”

That they do. I didn’t quite know what to expect from my first Childish Gambino concert. At first, I anticipated a moody ‘Bino with a skimpy white tee and over-the-knee shorts to perform only in short spurts of energy, remaining somewhat distant from the purchasers of his sold-out show. I was dead wrong. Once he and his frumpy taupe sweater (new outfit!) took the stage, never have I seen him look so connected and in his element.

A man’s supporters say a lot about him, so I paid close attention to the 2,000-deep powerhouse behind all his energy. Here are five things I realized about his New York fans while experiencing the multihyphenate that is Childish Gambino. —Stacy-Ann Ellis (@stassi_x)

Photo Credit: Stacy-Ann Ellis