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Review: Moby Slides Almost Home In His Live DVD

Every musician should be in Moby’s position to be able to decide whether or not they want to tour without it being too much of a financial hit. Not many musicians are in such a position, but Moby has exercised this right on his last album, Innocents, for which he only performed three dates October 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, 2013, all of them in his adopted hometown of Los Angeles, at the city’s famed Fonda Theatre. For those unable to attend those shows, the show comes to them in the form of Almost Home, Live At The Fonda, LA.

Much more than a live DVD, Almost Home, is a chunky package of two DVDs and two CDs. DVD 1, Full Show, captures the entire performance, which clocking in at three hours, is more extended than the average concert. In two sections, part one includes material primarily drawn from Innocents, as well as longstanding favorites, “Disco Lies,” “Extreme Ways,” “Natural Blues,” and “Feeling So Real,” spanning from the mid-Nineties to much more recent. Part two pulls from longstanding favorites, most notably hits off Moby’s breakthrough album, Play, including “Porcelain,” “Honey,” “Bodyrock” and “Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad.” This section also looks back to the early days of Moby’s catalog with the classic “Go” and looks forward with the (relatively) new classic, “Lift Me Up.”

Putting all the energy he would have for a lengthy world tour into three dates, what is experienced is Moby at his strongest and most comfortable. Backed by a full band, including cello and violin, as well as guests vocalists featured on the album: Damien Jurado, Mark Lanegan, Cold Specks, Skylar Grey, and Greg Dulli, not to mention a sublime choir, and most outstanding, Mindy Jones and Inyang Bassey, who between them can fill any vocalist’s shoes. Artistically shot, and made even more so by everyone on stage in flowing white outfits, Full Show is a comparable experience to the real thing—with the added benefit of sitting in the comfort of your own couch, cheaper drinks, possibly some snacks, and no restriction on your view. What doesn’t quite come across is the enthusiasm of the crowd, which other than occasionally singing along, the viewer doesn’t get to experience. And admittedly, in some shots Moby looks a lot more aged than he actually is. This same performance was broadcast live on Livestream on the October 4, 2013 date. On DVD, however, you get to pick what you want to watch via the “song select” option.

DVD 2, Extras, all three videos made for Innocents: “The Lonely Night,” “A Case For Shame,” and “The Perfect Life,” as well as the making of the latter and the making of Innocents, which shows a ghostly Moby floating in the clouds then landing in his studio, which looks like it could be a time machine from George Orwell’s 1984, some fit-inducing, “arty” jerky shots of him playing instruments, and then some more hallucinogenic montages of studio activities, including some riveting shots of a cup of tea, the bag tag hanging limply over the edge. Additionally, although almost unnecessarily, there are three teaser videos, for “Almost Home,” “The Last Day,” and “Don’t Love Me.” Furthermore, there are tutorials for a number of the songs on Innocents, including the choir and the drums on “The Perfect Life.” An insider look into how these songs are made, the tutorials are far more engaging than the “making of” segments. Plus, Moby always comes across down-to-earth and like a regular human being, which, hey, he actually is.

CDs 1 and 2 are the audio versions of part one and part two of DVD 1, Full Show, respectively—in case you just want to listen and don’t want to watch, making a handy “greatest hits” of Moby’s two-decades-plus career. Altogether, a must-have for any and all Moby fans. –Lily Moayeri

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Paras Griffin

Tyrese Reacts To Jacquees' Claim That He's The King Of R&B

Jacquees has made a bold statement that's ruffled a few feathers.

The Cash Money artist took to social media over the weekend to assert that he's the king of R&B, and from what we can gather, the 23 singer wasn't talking about ribs and barbecue. "I just want to let everybody know that I'm the king of R&B right now," he said.

Some of the Internet raised its digital eyebrow at the boast, while others paid it no attention. Tyrese, however, didn't take kindly to the assertation.

"Ima keep it stack with you," the Transformers star posted. "The young kings of this generation that's been running sh*t since day one are Chris Brown and Trey Songz."

Tyrese continued and accused the Decatur, GA native of employing Tekashi 6ix 9ine tactics. "You got this out of the Tekashi 6ix9ine playbook. Stop trolling, my n***a. Get back in the booth."

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How Sway..? How.??......... The way we ALL reacted.......... Let me put you up on what’s really movin bruh.. This ain’t Hip Hop my nigha.. You can’t come in this game get hot for a year then try an #T69 nighas and throw that there word #KING around..... Imma keep it a stack with you... The young kings of your generation that’s #been runnin shit is 1 @chrisbrownofficial and 2 @treysongz .... BIG facts! FYI the last real R&B album through and through that has the integrity and blueprint of the culture that was made with NO skips was #ThreeKings you got this out of the T69 play book stop trolling my nigha get back in the booth.....

A post shared by TYRESE (@tyrese) on Dec 9, 2018 at 11:25pm PST

Tank, having gotten wind of Jacquees' statements, refuted his "king" claim. "First, R.Kelly is the king of R&B. The accusations don't disqualify what he's accomplished. Second, if you can't go in the studio by yourself and make a hit record, you're not my king. If you can't sing it better live, you're not my king. I appreciate all the talent out there, but we are using the word "king" too loosely."

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Every artist is supposed to believe they can fly but only one man made it happen. @rkelly body of work is still bible. I love ALL of the artist out now and some are having amazing success but to be the King you have to beat the King and his stats still stand. Imagine if “I Believe I Can Fly” had streaming when it dropped..geesh!!! I’ll let you guys focus on kings and queens.. I’ll stay focused on being around for another 20yrs! #Elevation #RnBMoney #TheGeneral

A post shared by Tank (@therealtank) on Dec 9, 2018 at 9:56pm PST

Are Tyrese and Tank overreacting? Or should Jacquees not make such bold assertions? Sound off in the comments below.

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Bob Levey

Tekashi 6ix9ine Refuses To Take Plea Deal In Racketeering Case

Tekashi 6ix9ine is maintaining his innocence in his racketeering case despite the mounting evidence against him. His attorney Lance Lazzaro recently told TMZ that a plea deal is "off the table."

"A plea deal is simply off the table, even if the feds offer one," Lazarro told the celebrity news publication.

Tekashi's refusal to make a deal comes only one day after prosecutors presented photos and videos taken from his phone that prove the Brooklyn native's involvement in at least three armed robberies and shootings that went down in BK earlier this year. While the media found on his device does not show 6ix9ine pulling the trigger or holding a weapon, authorities are suggesting that he was the ringleader of all the crimes and enlisted others to do the dirty work for him. Tekashi's former manager, Kifano "Shotti" Jordan, is the only one who has been identified in the incidents at this time.

Nevertheless, Lazarro maintains his clients innocence, stating that he "was never part of a conspiracy, plain and simple. Nor did he ever participate in any incidents that the government has alleged." Despite his unwillingness to take a plea deal, Lazarro said 6ix9ine is fully cooperating with prosecutors.

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Earl Gibson III

Ty Dolla $ign Facing 15 Years In Prison Over Felony Cocaine Indictment

Things aren't looking to good for Ty Dolla $ign at the moment. The singer has reportedly been indicted on drug charges, and that could mean serious prison time.

Ty Dolla was reportedly indicted on felony cocaine and THC possession as well as a misdemeanor possession for one ounce of marijuana, TMZ reports.

He was reportedly busted while riding around in a limo in Fulton County, Georgia in Sept. 2018. Police reportedly arrested Ty after drug dogs discovered the illegal substances on him. While the singer was riding around with a handful of people, including DJ Skrillex, he was the only one detained by police. He was reportedly arrested just two hours before he was expected to co-headline a show at ATL's Cellaris Arena, alongside G-Eazy.

This is a serious situation for Ty. If he is convicted, he's facing up to 15 years in prison. Ty Dolla $ign has not commented on his current legal statement at this time. It is unclear when he is due back in court.


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Wonder if anyone could tell how bad my gums are aching... I hate going to the dentist 😔

A post shared by Ty Dolla $ign (@tydollasign) on Dec 8, 2018 at 5:29pm PST

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