Review: OWSLA’s Funk Fused ‘Dynasty’ Koan Sound


Fans of Koan Sound should know better than to expect a repeat of anything they might have heard previously from the British duo. Its latest EP, ‘Dynasty,’ sixth in a string spanning the last three years, and fourth for Skrillex’s OWSLA, travels further along the winding sonic path the two started on a while ago. ‘Dynasty’ plays more like a show reel of what the British duo is capable of rather than a cohesive four-track package.

This is not to say the tracks don’t sound good, they just sound like they should be on four different EPs. The EP kicks off on a ‘70s twisted funk tip with the saucy “7th Dimension.” This idea is picked up again on the third track, the aptly titled, slap-happy “Infinite Funk.”

In between, the title track takes its cues from the Far East with delicate Japanese string-driven melodies dictating its bent but manages to get quite glitchy in the process. The EP ends on a quiet but strong tip with the liquid drum ‘n’ bass headphone-ready “Lost In Thought.” Expecting the unexpected is a good rule of thumb where Koan Sound is concerned. –Lily Moayeri

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