Rihanna And Drake’s Latest PDA Makes Us Feel Awkward


Whatever Drake and Rihanna are doing right now, it’s working. Showing up at the same venues is hardly coincidence anymore and they’re getting careless about their public displays of affection, without even offering up any kind of label for their relationship. Still, whenever we see these two cuffed up, it’s hella awkward. Given Rihrih’s past relationship with his musical archenemy Chris Brown and Drake’s reputation as one of the emo-est rappers out there, who’s to say what they really are when the paparazzi’s gone and the doors are closed?
But hey, #AubRih is keeping me with a job by continuing to dance around their potential boyfriend-girlfriend status and giving the rest of Instagram all the more meme ammo. At a recent Los Angeles Clippers game Wednesday night (April 9) at the Staples Center, the bad gal was looking bad as usual, while watching the on-court activities with bestie/birthday celebrant Melissa Forde, aka M Dollas. Drake was also present (but not sitting directly next to her, of course) and nonchalantly stomped his Timbs over to give Rih an uncomfortable-looking embrace. We only say uncomfortable because that’s exactly what the “Diamonds” singer’s face looked like: a mix of cold and stiff. This expression was different from the last time the two were spotted together just 24 hours prior at M Dollas’ born day bash at Supperclub where Rih and Drake were said to be sipping cocktails and dancing on each other.
Still, we don’t get the same butterfly feelings we do when we see Bey and Jay toasting their anniversary in D.R. or a slight sense of revolt when we peep a Kimye Vogue cover. When it comes to #AubRih, we’re still trying to sort out our feelings about them while they look like they’re doing the same about each other.
See more flicks of them from the game above.
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