Recap: The 6 Best Quotes From Last Night’s ‘Scandal’


Scandal Season 3, Episode 17 “Flesh and Blood” Slowly, Olivia Pope’s family dynamic is unfolding, revealing that she’s much more like her parents than we thought. As the hunt for Mama Pope’s bomb continues, a truth-exposing DNA paternity test may be Mellie’s last ditch effort for revenge. Outside the White House, O.P.A. and B613 band together to stop the terrorists, Liv and Papa Pope play Russian Roulette and #HuckleberryQuinn consummate their S&M-style chemistry. Check out the best quotes from last night’s episode below. “You think he’s your dad but that’s just a part he’s playing, a costume he puts on, a mask. Liv, once his mask comes off, run.” –Jake Ballard Echoing the same advice her own father gave her only a few episodes ago, Jake commands Liv to chuck her rose-colored glasses and remain aware of the true nature of Papa Pope. “I’m telling you I’m black. Sally doesn’t have the NAACP.” –Olivia Pope Thank you, Shonda, for inserting this funny quip into the usual sea of overly emo banter between Fitz and Liv. Thank you. “I’m standing here with a bag of little Jerry’s man chowder.” –Leo Bergen It isn’t just the Grant matriarch who wants to know which Grant man Jerry belongs to. The White House physician breached doctor-patient confidentiality allowing Leo and Sally to get wind of mystery. Unfortunately for Little Jerry, his girlfriend is the traitor who shipped off his little swimmers to Leo.

“I have been destroyed while I have made him President. It’s my turn!” –Mellie Grant Does Mellie not finally deserve peace and happiness? After being denied her lover, VP Andrew Nichols, while having to watch Fitz indulge in his affair repeatedly, the First Lady is fed up more than R. Kelly’s hit record. With a perfectly reckless chess move, Mellie strategically planned for the truth about Little Jerry’s paternity to blow up. “That wasn’t you handling me. That was us. Tell me you felt it, too. Tell me I’m not crazy.” –Jake Still begging for her love, Jake tries to finally level with Liv. But she officially deads all his current (and future) advances by admitting: “I love him. Fitz. And I felt something with you last night and that feels like betrayal.” “It was Dominic Bell who told your mother to marry me, to pretend that it was me that she loved, to gain access, to collect information. Do you have any idea what that does to someone?” –Eli Pope Sounds a lot like what Liv did to Jake or nah?