Recap: The 10 Best Quotes From Last Night’s ‘Scandal’ Finale


Scandal Finale
Season 3, Episode 18
“The Price of Free and Fair Elections”

Last night’s heart-stopping finale was nothing short of brilliant. It seems Shonda Rhimes orchestrated the perfect ending for all: President Fitz gets four more years, Eli resumes his post as command of B613, Liv and Jake both stand in the sun, and Huck finds his family. But if we’ve learned anything from watching this twisted drama play out, nothing comes without a price. –Niki McGloster

“Be Jesus. You go in there and be Jesus.” –Leo
Sally Langston uses the bombing at a U.S. Senator’s funeral to win votes. With a debris-smudged face and ripped suit jacket, Sally assists victims and leads a national prayer.

“I want a refund. I want our money back. Whatever your fee is, whatever ridiculous amount of money we have wasted on you.” –Mellie
Following Sally’s public hero moment, Cyrus and Liv both conclude that Fitz will lose the election. And knowing how much Mellie’s sacrificed for the win, she’s taking it the hardest.

“I have no allegiance to Mellie. I don’t want to have an allegiance to her. She’s a vindictive, grasping, power-hungry monster who cares more about the presidency than she does about me.” –Fitz
Fitz slams his wife in the face of running away to Vermont with Liv once Sally wins the election. Although he may be on mark about Mellie’s nature, Liv quickly blabs the reason the First Lady switched from saccharine-sweet wife to alcohol-sipping serpent: Big Jerry’s rape.

“Try and protect your soul if you still have one. It’s futile but you should still try… Best if you don’t have a family in this job.” –Cyrus Beene
Alluding to his late husband James, Cyrus gives Leo some key advice to surviving as White House Chief of Staff.

“I love you, Huck, and I wanted you to know.” –Quinn
Could this be the breakup already? Quinn gives Huck a new family, but it turns out it’s his wife and son. Like Quinn’s #OldBae Charlie said, introducing Huck to his old life could destroy any chance of #HuckleberryQuinn happiness.

“That man hurt you, he uses you, and he will throw you away when he’s done with you.” –Mama Pope
As menacing as Mama Pope is, she knows best. Right before Maya sprinkles this gem on Livvy, Fitz decides to stay married to Mellie.

“Were we ever people? Or did serving at the pleasure of the President help us shed our pesky skins and umask us as the monsters we really are? –Cyrus Beene
Clean race? Not even the slightest. Cyrus and Liv reminisce on all that’s happened and realize that Fitz will win the presidency now. “They lost their child,” Liv says. “America will rally behind them.”

“I may not be your friend, Mr. President, but I am a father. I know what I would do if someone hurt my child.” –Eli Pope
Under the guise of “serving at the pleasure of the President,” Papa Pope vows to get revenge on Lil Jerry’s murderer: Maya Pope.

“It’s better for them. Starting over, starting fresh, it’s better for me. I get to be someone else, someone new. Me leaving them behind, that was the best thing that’s ever happened to them.” –Huck
Huck’s epiphany about his family is also Liv’s. Realizing it’s time to truly press reset on her life, she asks Papa Pope for the plane from episode 1 to leave the White House and OPA behind. “I’m the scandal,” Liv tells Jake later, “and the best way to deal with the scandal is to shut it down.”

“He took my child, so I took his.” –Eli Pope
His strategic plan to have Liv start a new life, recapture Maya Pope and be reinstated as command of B613–all while keeping Fitz as an ally–played out inconspicuously. Unbeknownst to everyone (except Harrison in the final minutes), Eli was the puppeteer of the entire season.