Six Flags Breaks World Record With Newest Drop Ride ‘Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom’


Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey is the ultimate thrill ride location. It’s home of the tallest and second fastest roller coaster, Kingda Ka, the fastest and tallest wooden ride, El Toro, and now the highest drop ride, Zumajaro: Drop of Doom.

Six Flags opens it’s doors for the 2014 season today (April 12) where fans can check out the 41-story ride. The safari-inspired attraction heads 415 ft in the air in 30 seconds, pauses so riders can view the park before plummeting at a 90 mile per hour rate.

“We not only broke the world record by topping off the world’s tallest drop ride, but also because we battled through some incredibly adverse weather conditions. We had the coldest and snowiest winter that any of us can remember,” John Fitzgerald, park president at Six Flags Great Adventure said in their press release.

If you’re looking for Six Flags’ newest jaw dropper, keep your eyes on Kingda Ka because it lives inside the fastest coaster making it a ride in a ride. While you’re going up higher than the Statue of Liberty (305 ft tall) you’ll have trains running around you at a speed of 128 mph.

This ride doesn’t open until Memorial Day Weekend, but if you’re always seeking a thrill, you must head to New Jersey to experience Zumanjaro after it debuts.

Watch the drop below.