‘Soul Train’ Lining Up For Broadway

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All aboard the Soul Train!

Stage and film producer Mathew Weaver announced on Soul Train’s official site Tuesday (April 15) that the musical variety mainstay launched by Don Cornelius in 1970 is headed to Broadway.

Weaver, who helped create Rock of Ages and heads the production company Media Weaver Entertainment, has acquired the theatrical stage rights to the show and says he is nervous, humbled and excited about turning the show, which ran for 35 years, into a Broadway production.

“I do think we’re the right people to do it because I think it’s got to have that spirit of `Rock of Ages,’ which is part old-fashioned musical but also part party,” Weaver said.

He says that the next step is gaining music rights and hiring a writer and that the production will take flight once the story’s right.

“To me, that’s the heart of Soul Train – a great story and great characters,” he said. “The music will be great, the fashion will be great, the ambiance, the vibe. But if you don’t have a good story, none of that means anything.”