Spotted: Jay Z And Beyoncé Ride A Bike And Are Probably Not Shooting A ‘Bound 2′ Parody


Thanks to the Internets, a photo of Beyoncé and Jay Z on a bike has surfaced from a set in Los Angeles. While details are N/A at the moment, it leaves us to wonder: could this shoot be for their rumored joint tour promo? A video for the Magna Carta Holy Grail ballad, “On The Run (Part II)”? Or… and hear me out… A PARODY OF KANYE WEST’S “BOUND 2″ VIDEO? Fat chance. But we’re banking on the other two. For now, this Runaway Bride-esque snapshot is another moment to add to the “Keeping Up With The Carters” photo album till further notice.

Photo Credit: BeyonceLite

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