Ride Or Die Chicks: Should They Love Him or Leave Him?


Gabrielle Union The Recording Academy's 2012 Pre-GRAMMY Gala And Salute To Industry Icons Honoring Richard Branson - Arrivals

It looks like this year marks the official Rise Of The Ride Or Die Chick. Consider all the infinite infidelity scandals haunting our headlines lately—these men aren’t only cheating, they’re fathering their side-chicks’ seeds as well. And somehow still manage to hang on to their mains. Whether that kind of female loyalty makes us we recoil or relate, we acknowledge that while some are drunk in love, others truly believe their relationship can weather the storm.

Kay’s recent reveal not only sparked an office-wide debate, but inspired a list of stalwart starlets. Click through and weigh in on whether they should leave or stay.

Gabrielle Union

Her relationship status had the blogs buzzing for weeks as her engagement announcement was overshadowed by the birth of Dwayne Wade’s newborn. And yet, their questionable relationship has thrived since they began dating during his pending divorce.

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