Taraji P. Henson and Tyrese Talk ‘Baby Boy’ Sex Scene on Arsenio [Video]


Taraji P. Henson was in for a throwback surprise earlier this week. During an appearance on Arsenio to chat about her new flick From The Rough, talk turned to the classic Baby Boy and that infamous sex scene between her Yvette and Tyrese’s Jody.

“[Me and Tyrese had] just met on that film. You sign up and you know what you have to do. I read the script so it wasn’t a surprise. You work all that out in the contract. I dealt with my nerves the night before; I took my clothes off, looked in the mirror and dealt with everything that Taraji did not like about Taraji’s body. So that when I did the scene the next day it wouldn’t be about Taraji, because Taraji wouldn’t make a sex video, but Yvette is in the room with her man and Taraji does not exist in that moment.

Tyrese was in the corner basically crying. ‘I don’t want to do this!!!’ I’m in the robe like, ‘Okay babe, we got to get through this scene.’”

Before she knew it, her sexy costar had emerged from backstage to challenge her crying claims and tell the audience that he wasn’t “afraid to take no clothes off.”

Watch their hilarious encounter below.