10 TeeFLii Songs You Need To Hear


ICYMI, the Left Coast has been going through a renaissance and next up to rise is singer/producer TeeFLii. The South Central, L.A. native is no newbie to the game, with four projects under his belt, including Fireworks, a 2013 collaborative album with go-to producer DJ Mustard. You may have seen him before in the 2005 film Rize as “Baby Tight Eyez” about the “krumping” dance craze in South Central. He’s since left his dancing days behind and he’s gearing up for his major-label debut, Starr, this year.

The 26-year-old calls his music “FLii&B” to describe his signature sound. He refers to his girls as “Annies” to keep from calling them shorties or bitches, replaces “turn up” with “stern up” and asks that you excuse his liquor in the beginning of each song. Features on Dom Kennedy’s “Still Callin’ and YG’s “Do It To Ya” have created a buzz for him, but he has an impressive catalogue of his own. Check out 10 FLii&B songs you need in your life.

1. “Act A Fool”

TeeFLii showed his production skills on this track as he summons all the twerkers to the dance floor…or to his bedroom. Either way, we like it.

2. “Fukkin on the Floor,” feat. Yea Dat

On this lusty, mid-tempo track, TeeFlli talks about how he and his Annie get so turned up behind closed doors that they do the do before they can make it to the bed. Don’t get too distracted by his catchy ad libs in the background.

3. “Put It On U,” feat. Omarion

With some help from fellow L.A. native and MMG rep Omarion, FLii sings about a late-night tryst with a groupie whose body was calling him over some signature snaps from DJ Mustard while Omarion and FatBox fool around with somebody’s girlfriend.

4. “This D”

Excuse his liquor as he delivers unapologetic vocals over subtle bass accented with cowbell sounds. As he walks through the club and catches the eyes of ladies who are spoken for, T warns dudes to cuff their main chicks because he has no problem giving them “this D.”

5. “Middle Finger”

Tee usually keeps it raunchy, but shows his street side on this one, letting his Annies know that he has no time for the BS.


Photo Credit: Getty Images