Top 5 DJs That Inspired Sébastien Léger’s 20-Year Career


Sébastien Léger is celebrating 20 years as one of the most unique and captivating producers and DJs in the game. Emerging from the “French Touch” movement from his native France in the ‘90s, he found inspiration in fellow countrymen like Daft Punk and Laurent Garnier, releasing his first record in 1999.

Ever since, the man has been nothing short of prodigious, producing copious amounts of music in various genres and breaking through into the upper echelons of the world’s top DJs. While his techno style developed, he has also touched on electro, peak-time house romps and melody heavy epics, all underpinned by his signature funk and rolling groove. After twenty years in the game, its safe to say there are very few producers that can match his versatility and consistency.

He’s released his new single “Come Back,” the first on his label Mistakes Music of the year – a funky house track that echoes the classic house vibe and outlining Sébastien Léger’s signature sound.

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