Trouble in Paradise: Eva Marcille Files Restraining Order Against Boyfriend Kevin McCall


Eva and Kevin McCall

On Friday (Apr 4), Eva Marcille “did it for the ‘gram” when she posted a contradictory #FamilyFirst picture of her, Kevin McCall and their daughter Marley. This comes as quite the surprise since she reportedly filed a restraining order against the producer a week prior.

According to TMZ, on March 28th, she claims Kevin chased her and attempted to take their 2-month-old during a heated argument in their home.  The filed documents also state he kicked down 4 doors and threatened to punch her in the face. McCall’s been order to stay 100 ft. away from Marcille; so unless the above photo is a #TBT, he’s already violating the terms of his order.

We’re fans of Kevin and Eva, so we hope they can work through their issues.

Photo Credit: Instagram