Turk: ‘Drake Knew He Can’t Recreate The Big Tymers’


The Hot Boys may always be imitated, but they can never be duplicated, so says Turk.

In an interview with VladTV, Tab Virgil, Jr. responded to rumors surrounding Drake’s potential LP with the Big Tymers.

“To answer that question, man. Big Tymers can’t be duplicated and Drake knew that,” said Turk. “You know what I’m saying? Salute to Drake. Shout out to Drake. But you can’t never make another Hot Boys. You can’t never make another Big Tymers. You can’t never make a Cash Money Millionaires, which is all six of us. They can’t be duplicated. Just like you can’t make another Drake. You can’t make another Nicki Minaj. You can’t make another Wayne. You can’t make another one of those. We all had our own identity. We brought different chemistry to that time when we was together. He’ll probably call it the new Big Tymers, but it wouldn’t be the same. It just would be another group.”

Drake also addressed the slander he was getting from the reunion rumors in an interview with MTV last August. “I think I heard about it or watched some of it, and then I got people being like, ‘You’ll never be a Big Tymer, your shit is terrible,’ just going off on me. I’m not the one being like, ‘Oh, I’m a new Big Tymer.’”

Turk also spoke on Drake sampling Juvenile’s 1999 booty-shaking anthem, “Back That Azz Up” on his Take Care record, “Practice.”

“Man, he paid homage. They was influenced by the Hot Boys,” he said. “We influenced a lot of them. So, when I see them paying homage, man, its like respect.”