Twitter-Threatening Wale From A Few Seats Away Is A Bad Idea


We all know that Wale is a celebrity who actually checks his tweets. So trolling one of the most reactive rappers of right now while sitting right by him sounds like a dumb idea, no? Clearly one anti-fan didn’t think things through before shooting threats his way on Twitter. Wale was enjoying the World Wrestling Entertainment event in Washington D.C. when Silly Tweeter spotted him in the crowd and “reached out” to him via tweet. The exchange went a little something like this:

Allegedly, Wale went looking for the tough talker and the two got into some sort of physical altercation. TMZ is reporting that Wale threw a punch at him, while others mentioned a strong shove. According to Wale, “we just asked a question,” whatever that means.

Here are other accounts of the situation:

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