Two Wu-Tang Stans Launch Kickstar In Hopes Of Buying Clan’s Rare Album


With Wu-Tang’s one-off album, Once Upon A Time in Shaolin, already receiving seven figure offers from bidders, two superfans have devised a plan to get it themselves.

Pitchfork reports Russell Meyer and Calvin Okoth-Obbo have launched a Kickstarter in order to get the gwap for the one-of-a-kind album from the hip-hop group.

“I can’t imagine RZA being upset if enough Wu-Tang fans get together and raise enough money to purchase [the album],” Meyer told DNAinfo New York. “We don’t want some guy in Dubai who literally has money to burn to buy it as a collector item that only six people will get to listen to.”

Before anyone can purchase the musical masterpiece, Wu-Tang is slated to tour the world with it. The Stans said that if they cop the album, they’ll gladly share the music to the world free of charge.