#UnplugThatNew: VNova’s ‘Hidden In Plain Sight’ Vol.2


In a blog game where things are pretty mundane and redundant, well at least to me, I figured a new project like this would re-start my creative engines and gain interest from other consumers I have yet to reach. #UnPlugThatNew is a new live music/interview series I’m embarking on where live music and conversation are packaged together and distributed days later for those that missed the actual event. Not to be confused with #CRWN, this is more of a package then a conversation. We’ll be partnering with artists who enjoy the LIVE aspect of their jobs to the fullest.

Some of these projects may be selections you’re already familiar with in the studio setting but now are being brought to you in the live format. Obviously we won’t be snatching a Hov, Yeezy, Pharrell, 50 Cent and other A-listers, though we won’t turn them away lol. I have the next artist in mind but of course it’s just an idea as of right now.

The first artist we stepped out with is Brooklyn’s own, V.Nova. The Brooklyn spitter took over Arlene’s Grocery in New York City alongside the Michael Jazz Trio to perform his recent release of Hidden In Plain Sight Vol.2. Between sets, VNova and I discussed his influences growing up, family relationships, production on Hidden In Plain Sight Vol.2, what he thinks about hip-hop at this current state, what Brooklyn means to him and much more.

I sincerely hope you guys embrace and understand how dope this new initiative is to me and look forward to your support from here on out. –Lowkey of Youheardthatnew.com