Video: Nas’ Brother Jungle Takes VIBE Back To Queensbridge Projects


After taking VIBE back into the apartment where Nas grew up, the Queenbridge rapper’s young brother, Jungle, brought us to a few of the most important places mentioned on Illmatic. When Nas was just a teenager, one of his family’s closest friends was brutally murdered in the same neighborhood that they grew up in. Known as Ill Will to the boys, Jungle took us back to to the exact place where Nas’ best friend was gunned down.

It was definitely a somber moment in our tour, but Will’s passing was also a huge wake up call for a young Nasir Jones to make his rap dreams a reality. In part 2 of VIBE’s exclusive video tour of Queensbridge projects, Jungle relives that fateful night and shows us where the image for the Illmatic cover was shot.

Interview: Nas’ Brother Jungle Revisits Their Childhood Apartment In Queensbridge