Video Premiere: Mark Barrott “Baby Come Home”


Mark Barrott’s musical trajectory has been anything but linear, yet it all seems to be leading perfectly to his present, rather envious state as head one of Ibiza’s best beloved Balearic labels, International Feel. Among his admirers, projects, and label mates are DJ Harvey, Quiet Village, Gatto Fritto and Daniele Baldelli. An early fan of fellow Sheffield electronic wizards Cabaret Voltaire, Barrott fell in love with the post-punk DIY ethos of acid house. His subsequent explorations led to several aliases and genres, among them ambient music, and drum and bass under the alias Future Loop Foundation. After spending time in Berlin and then Uruguay to cleanse his palette of the coffee-table chill out sonic wallpaper that made “Balearic” a punch line, he returned to Ibiza. His latest offering, Sketches From An Island Project is out on June 3 in the U.S. VIBE premieres the first video from Sketches appropriately titled, “Baby, Come Home.” Just in time for summer, it’s a sun-drenched, laid-back ditty that conjures the vibe of analog ‘70s songwriter pop, an element that’s often missing in boutique soundtracks tagged Balearic. “I wanted this video to reflect not just the mood of the song but the whole flavour of the Sketches From An Island Project. The song is all about summer…more specifically an Ibizan summer and the video captures that vibe perfectly… this is what is sounds and feels like to be in Ibiza from June-September.” Wherever you are, and whatever season you’re in, it’s hard not to be transported by the tracks warm analog sounds and the video’s retro VHS look. You can almost feel the sand in your toes and taste the salt on your skin.