Video Premiere: Muneshine “Boom! Goes The Dynamite”


No, Muneshine is not a new form of pure alcohol. However, the Canadian rapper/producer may get you tipsy with his fresh beats and catchy hooks.

Most notably recognized for his popular remix of Portugal. The Man’s “Purple Yellow Red Blue,” Muneshine is next on decks for artist to watch this summer.

VIBE has the video premiere for Muneshine’s original single “Boom! Goes The Dynamite.” Watch it below.

“This was the easiest video we ever shot. I showed up for an hour and Amos took the performance shots. The rest of the day he created each separate story, using the black and white aesthetic to emphasize the graphic details of the shots. Amos is a joy to work with, he brought my vision to life, a visually pleasing, simple narrative to match my song.” – Muneshine

Look out for Muneshine’s full-length, In Transit, set for release June 30.