Vixen Chat: Dominique Penn Talks Philanthropy and Activism


mrs penn products


Vixen: Including clothes, what other products do you sell?  

Dominique Penn: We carry a variety of toys, hair products, accessories and dresses for moms. We carry the line “Lush,” for women to purchase things for themselves and we have things you can purchase for a baby shower. I kind of wanted to make the store like a one stop shop. We also offer a delivery services for customers who aren’t able to pick up their purchased items. We really are catering our business to customer service and we exude that to our customers. We are making sure that we are going above and beyond, so we can make sure we keep our clientele.

Vixen: What is the Mrs. Penn Open Heart Foundation?  

Dominique Penn: When I talk about my organization a lot of people want me to narrow it down and it’s really hard because I developed Open Heart so I can be an open heart to all realms. I’m not just helping the homeless; I’m helping the sick, the people that need aid. We are just a stepping stone that’s going in to help everyone in the community. I grew up in South Central Englewood area, so I do a lot of work back home. We just did a hashtag “lunch bag” where you buy paper bags and provide lunches for the homeless and you hashtag “lunch bag.”