Vixen Chat: Dominique Penn Talks Philanthropy and Activism


dominique penn and girl

Vixen: What other charitable events have you partaken in?

Dominique Penn: Last year, for my birthday I didn’t really want to do the club thing, so we went to downtown Tampa and there were so many homeless people out there. We came across a home for women that were homeless and abused and things like that, so we passed out lunches to them. We stopped by a salvation army and gave lunches to them. Last year, we also did our first turkey drive. I gave 200 people turkeys. I got a Uhaul all by myself and I gave our turkeys—there was a line all the way around the corner. Another truck had ran out of we went there too and as soon as we pulled up people were clapping and cheering.

I collected 5,000 canned goods amongst three high schools and I raffled off $500 just to do that. We gave away over 5,000 canned goods plus turkeys straight out of my pocket without funding, without my husband. I feel like people can do it instead of talking about it if they really want to. I’m really passionate about it. When you go into your pockets it is hard when you want to touch somebody because we still have to stay afloat. I’m talking to people so I can hopefully get some sponsors this year, so that I can help out more in the community.

Starting April 13 I will be collecting prom dresses or gowns so that on May 3 I can go into the inner-city and distribute prom dresses to girls that may not be able to afford their own dress. The girls will write an essay and the person that sends the best essay in will receive a rented car service, make-up, shoes and a dress. It will be like their Cinderella moment.