Vixen Chat: Estelle on ‘Make Her Say,’ Turn Offs and L-O-V-E


Vixen: What’s different about this album compared to your previous work?

Estelle: This is a happier album. Someone described it to be as me being free. Not to say that I was ever tied up or anything, but just being free. It was like man, I don’t even care anymore. This is exactly how I feel with no edits, no trying to make it nice for someone to get it. I don’t think I was in a space to remotely entertain anyone’s idea of who I was. There are so many things to consider, but this time around I wasn’t considering anyone else’s version. So I said “look, this is how I feel today…and I’m going to write a lovely love song.” So that’s what this is—me on any given day, doing any given genre.


At the end of “Make Her Say,” we see Polaroid pictures with titles such as, “Passion,” “Courage,” “The Bullsh**” and “True Romance”– are those sub-categories that are going to be addressed throughout the album?

Those are four segments of the album. The idea of putting out this album and it just be pure sunshine after a breakup, I couldn’t do it. I wanted to write a bunch of songs about how I really feel and it all started to make sense and come together in those four themes. For example, we tried to find ways to say the bullsh*t, but we couldn’t think of any other way to say it but the “bullsh*t.”

Going around in circles, trying to stop yourself from feeling a certain way, even forcing yourself to feel a certain way. For “Courage” it was just being brave enough to address certain things in your relationship. You should have courage in everything that you do; we have one life to live. Passion goes into all three of the themes. You can be passionate about how you feel, you can be passionate in courage and you can be passionate in the bullshit—it’s something that we all have. I don’t know anyone who is really happy or who is really living their life that isn’t passionate about what they do.