Vixen Chat: Estelle on ‘Make Her Say,’ Turn Offs and L-O-V-E


Do you think that provocativeness is becoming a trend in Hip Hop and music lately?

It’s been a trend. [Lil] Kim and them started it. Before that, you had to turn up looking like a woman. Salt ‘n Pepa were like a big deal for wearing a bunny suit on stage. We shouldn’t be scared of it because this is what we were born with. Just make it relative. This isn’t a sex tape, this isn’t a porno. You see the difference between a porno and my video. Make it classy. I would say I could never have my legs up in the air or my tits out if I wasn’t making a record about it. I would have to reevaluate myself.


What is your favorite love song of all time?

“At Your Best” by Aaliyah, “Sweet Love” by Anita Baker and “Saving All My Love For You”- Whitney Houston, even though she’s singing about being a side chick.


Do you write your own music?

I do—the majority of it. I try to write as much as possible. I’m not the girl who will say “let’s go make an album…I want you, you, and you to write it. Now, go!” I can’t do that because I have to live it. This is stuff that I do. This is me singing. I start my album a lot of times with producers and people that play keys and guitar. We get the direction from that.

I’ll write something and we’ll all listen to it and change things around. I write when I’m listening to beats. I’m like a producer. I’m seriously involved in the entire process and that’s what takes so long. Between me and my team, we definitely go in to make records. The beat for “Make Her Say” just felt like sex and red lights, so that’s what I wrote and it came right out.