Vixen Chat: Estelle on ‘Make Her Say,’ Turn Offs and L-O-V-E



Considering how eclectic your music is, how would you describe your music?

Good. Real. Real good. I wake up on any given day and just make good sound. I’ve tried to do an R&B album and it sucked. It’s because of how I grew up. I grew up listening to rock, pop, reggae, indie, whatever you want to call it. Then we listened to Bares Hammond and Bob Marley. So we grew up with everything. That’s how I listen to music, so this is how I make it. I’m not able to listen to only one genre.


Are you a relationship person? Do you believe in love at first sight?

I am and I do. I’ve only been in three real relationships. I’ve had some really good sex in between, but those were the only solid relationships. My whole thing was I’ve watched and my step dad and my mom for so many years and to me that’s what a relationship was. I always knew that it was two people in a house figuring things out. Year’s later, she divorces him and gets married to my real dad.

I believe in love at first sight because my mom and dad told me how they met and told me that’s how she felt when she first saw my dad. My dad said that he was going to marry her and my mom wasn’t with it at first because she just had my older brother and she was about to go back to Africa. He persuaded her to stick around and then they had me. And 30 years later, they’re married. True love is not something you can run away from. It’s something I’ve seen in my family and I believe in it, absolutely.