Vixen Chat: Estelle on ‘Make Her Say,’ Turn Offs and L-O-V-E


If your sex life were a love song, what would the title be?

Any time, Any Place” by Janet Jackson.


What is the biggest turn off of a lover when you are about to get intimate? 

Biggest turn off would be expecting me to make the first move. I like to be a woman, so you better do something. I’m not here to be an aggressor.


What’s the most romantic thing someone has ever done for you?

I wanted a particular dessert. And this certain somebody went out to get it for me. I was having a long day of running errands and recording and I was craving my favorite treat. And before I knew it, he came back with it. I just thought it was so sweet.


What advice would you give to a couple that is trying to spice things up in the bedroom?

Role-playing is awesome. A lady should go out of her way to find out all the things that her man likes and just surprise him one night. If you’re always in sweats and a tee shirt for bed, you should try getting that entire French maid outfit and some stripper heels. It will be funny because you don’t know what you’re doing. Role-playing is so much fun!


How would you describe love in your own words?

Love is that unseen unspoken resonation with somebody. The bullsh*t, the courage and all that stuff, you’ll go through it because you love that person. To me, it’s knowing that that’s who you are supposed to be here for. You’ll go through everything for that person.