Vixen Chat: LaTavia Roberson Talks Filming R&B Divas ATL & Reconciling With Beyoncé And Kelly


Did you have any hesitation about joining R&B Divas?
At first I kind of did because you see some reality shows and you’re like ‘is that really real? Would I want to portray myself like that?’ But there had been interest from the show prior to me joining and then it came back around again. It was a brave new experience but, it was such a fun ride. When you’re around women who have experienced the music industry the way that we have, it made the process for me more special. At the core, it was just a real desire to show the world that African American women can get along and support each other. There’s a genuine spirit of sisterhood. Bringing six women together with six respectable careers, baby, let me tell you it definitely makes for some good TV.
I know you can’t give too much away, but do you feel like you fit in with the rest of the divas? Which of the ladies did you bond with the most?
Kameelah [Williams] and I have been friends for years and I met everyone on the show before joining. I feel like I fit in but I’m a different type of diva. Everyone else has record deals and musical aspirations where I’m trying to be more like a behind the scenes diva. Doing more songwriting and publishing. I’m kind of a rebel. Deciding whether or not I should even get back into the crazy music industry. It was different for me.
A lot of people have criticized reality shows for glamorizing negative behavior among African American women. Do you agree or disagree with those criticisms?
I disagree with that because we definitely, this season, we really tried to promote sisterhood. We’re all grown women and we all have our own opinions and different perceptions about everything but you don’t have to put yourself in a negative light like that. And I absolutely love each and every one of the women. I share a different kind of bond with all of them in my own right.
What was the most challenging part about shooting a reality show?
The hardest thing was just scheduling. With me being a new mommy and the sleepless nights with a newborn and then having to work and be prepared to be on set certain days and some days you might have to do more than one scene.
You recently gave birth to your baby girl Lyric last year, how has life been adjusting to motherhood?
Thank God that I have my heavenly father. (Laughs) There are sleepless nights because she’s starting to teeth but motherhood for me has been wonderful. The overall experience is humbling and I’m very thankful.
You also revealed that you are working on a book which you will be sharing some details about your time with Destiny’s Child as one of the original members. What made you want to write this book?
Even back when I was younger in the group, I was said that I wanted to write a book. I just wanted to be very transparent. I wanted to express myself. People always say ‘tell all’ which always sounds so scandalous when I think about it, but I like to call my book my love letter because I wanted tell the things that I’ve been going through in my life and I felt like it was time. I thought I was finished but I became pregnant and I had to continue writing because my story was not over.