Vixen Chat: Taj George Talks SWV Reunion and Shares Weightloss Struggles



Courtesy of WeTV

I definitely did! But I gotta ask you, how was it for you? Were you excited?

Yeah. Well this wasn’t my first reality show so I was already comfortable with filming and everything. [But] the process, it was different. The other shows were pretty much about me and my struggles and my life but this one was a three part situation, so all the drama came with it. So it was a little different but it’s my reality. It’s our reality. And that’s what we had to deal with.

I’ve seen you on Survivor, is that the only other show you’ve done?

I did a show on TV One, I Married a Baller.

Oh, yes! I remember that now.  But with SWV Reunited there were six episodes, so it was definitely shorter than what I expected and I’m sure everyone else is like ‘We want more.’ I definitely wanted more especially the ending that makes us question ‘Are you guys going to make it?’ Is this still up in the air? What’s up with that?

Well…y’all people would find out soon.


I was afraid you would say that.

Well we’re still touring, so I can tell you that. We’re definitely still touring.

Okay. So that’s exciting to hear. And let me just say, you ladies look great!

Thank you, thank you!

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