Vixen Chat: Taj George Talks SWV Reunion and Shares Weightloss Struggles


5th Annual Essence Black Women In Music EventSo I called a friend of mine. She was selling these weight loss products. So I’m like ‘you know what, I need something. Send me these products, I gotta have them.’… And another girlfriend of mine called me and she’s like ‘have you heard about the JJ Virgin Diet? You don’t have to buy all of this.’ I’m like ‘I’ve never heard of it.’ So instantly I hop online, I buy the book and I ordered it overnight. That’s how desperate I was. I looked horrible. So I got the book and I read it in one day and I started the next day. By that following week I was down by 6 pounds.

Oh my god!

My skin had cleared up and the stuff what I thought was bronchitis was gone. Come to find out, my doctors were treating me for bronchitis for almost three months [prescribing]  z-packs and all this cough syrup and I’m just gaining weight by the second when it was food allergies.


Oh my god! I was not expecting that at the end; food allergies?

Food Allergies! When I took out those seven foods (dairy, gluten, eggs, sugar, corn, soy and peanuts) my body snapped back into shape so quick. It was so dramatic that Coko and LeLe thought I had done something. They thought for sure I had some kind of surgery or something or I was on some type of pill. They thought for sure I was doing something I wasn’t suppose to.

Now was this during the taping of the show?


So you had time to really focus on you and getting yourself back together.

Yeah. We didn’t start filming until that April and I started doing the JJ Virgin Diet in January. So by the beginning of the show I was on point. You couldn’t tell me nothing. I was fine!


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